UX, Usability, Design – The Best of July 2015

The most important, inspiring and worth remembering – take a look at the list of the best graphics on usability, ux, design and others that we came across in July.

Not Responsive vs. Responsive :)

A simple explanation of responsive sites that made us smile at Bolser this morning! #repost #responsivedesign

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Bolser Agency (@bolseragency)

Recognising a Bad User Interface at First Glance

Designing the Product vs. Designing the Experience
ux heinz

Brilliant User Experience

Good design is obvious great design is transparent

Buttons in Otis elevator :)
ux otis

Design vs. User Experience

If the user can’t find it, is it really there?

When Better beats First!

Guide to Creating Killer Visual Content

Credit card form design

Main skill sets

Evolution :)
25 40 ux

User Experience Design Diagram

Research / Concept / Design

Lean UX vs. Agile UX

Full-Stack Designer

Content, UI and UX

It´s all about the experience :)

Stuff that almost every human needs :)

Experience is everything!


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Małgorzata Traczyk

Graduate of University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Social Science of Internet Communication and Warsaw School of Economics in Product and Service Management. Currently, Product Manager in Uxeria. She used to work on mobile applications’ design and remote usability testing as a UX Specialist in Management Observatory Foundation. She is a member of the Usability (IAB) working group. Outside work she is a fan of travelling, cinema and a wide range of music.

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