UX, usability, design – The Best of April 2015

The most important, inspiring and worth remembering – take a look at the list of the best graphics on usability, ux, design and others that we came across in April.

Internet is a very distinctive medium. On the one hand we have contents right at one click, on the other websites appear all the time and if we don’t save them we may not find them again. This thought brought us to an idea. Every month we will publish graphics, links, interesting solutions that we came across and thought that they are worth remembering. This time from Twitter. We promise they won’t be deleted :)

Engineering vs. design


Minimum Viable Product

Difference between UX and UI

Improve the User Experience

Imposter Syndrome vs Reality

Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works)

What Is A User Experience Designer And What Does He Do?

Graphic Trends For 2015

UX joke :)

UX Choreography

Successful website

A Website Designed in 8 weeks

User Experience Design Process

User Experience Model

Fields of User Experience Design

UX quote


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Małgorzata Traczyk

Graduate of University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Social Science of Internet Communication and Warsaw School of Economics in Product and Service Management. Currently, Product Manager in Uxeria. She used to work on mobile applications’ design and remote usability testing as a UX Specialist in Management Observatory Foundation. She is a member of the Usability (IAB) working group. Outside work she is a fan of travelling, cinema and a wide range of music.

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