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Absolut – 60 Most Creative Advertisements

We’ve presented the story of the brand. We’ve also mentioned inspirations for the unconventional ads. It’s time to see the Absolut ads themselves! As promised last week in our article […]

UX Poland 2015 – Experience Everywhere

This year’s edition of UX Poland has just finished. Was it worth to attend? Who showed up? What do we remember? We’ll try to sum up the first day of […]

UX, usability, design – The Best of April 2015

The most important, inspiring and worth remembering – take a look at the list of the best graphics on usability, ux, design and others that we came across in April. […]

Absolut – the story of the (un)usual bottle

Creativity is that simple surprise and delight of seeing familiar things in a new way – Absolut brand statement. I’m sure that all our readers must have heard about Absolut […]

Card sorting – tips and tricks

How can one prepare a study that will help you organize the structure of a website/application? This article will provide you with all the answers to all the questions that […]

20 creative Easter advertisements

Easter is getting closer and closer. This is why we decided to take a look at inspiring, interesting and truly imaginative Easter ads. Absolut, Durex, Heineken and Fiat are just […]

80 creative 404 error pages

Page not found? The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable? Page doesn’t exist? Above messages all denote the “404” error page. The 404 page is a response code […]

Websites of the most innovative companies by Fast Company

Every year Fast Company publishes The World’s 50 Most Innovative Company list. The list consists of both major corporations and start-ups that make things ‘differently’, better, faster. Today we want […]

How can the cart abandonment rate be reduced? Neo24 example

Low conversion rate, cart abandonment or small traffic at the site are just some of the problems that e-commerce market is facing. Which of these can be changed by running […]

The $300 Million Button

The case that I want to describe here is so widely known that it has already become a legend. You won’t find a person in usability who has not heard […]

How to create a persona?

If you’re on this site it means that you are probably already aware of what a persona is and you’d like to learn how to build personas well, or you’re […]

Steve Jobs – Harry Potter of the tech world

We can definitely say that Steve Jobs was the man who changed the world. The reason for this can be e.g. the fact that some of you are reading this […]

20 most creative Valentine’s Day advertisements

What can I get my other half? What would make her happy and be one of the kind? Men in love ask themselves these questions every year. But who’s even […]

10 cool technologies that you can wear

The memorable 2015 has come – the year when cars were supposed to fly, skateboards levitate and shoes lace themselves. At least according to “Back to the Future Part II” […]

How testing helps increase the mailing conversion rates (case study)

What will you say when somebody asks you if you test your mailing? Sure. I test openings, clicks, I check sales conversion rates on landing ( for whatever that is). […]

Problems with loyalty programs (case study)

Have you ever used loyalty programs? Not only for having a card but actually trying to do something with it? We did – many times. Here’s one of these.

Amazon – a company that has changed e-commerce

When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone telling you – you’re nuts. – Larry Ellison During one of the lectures Richard Howorth, the owner of Square Books […]

10 most creative Halloween advertisements

Interesting, inspiring, memorable? These are the advertisements that cannot be ignored. We invite you to take a look at the first entry in our “inspirational” cycle. This time we take […]

3 great myths about the UX tests

Pricey? Time consuming? Done at the last possible moment? There are so many myths concerning the usability testing that only the UX experts know the truth. It is different in […]

Why would anyone need a UX researcher?

There are many notes concerning the quality research and usability projects in many contexts. The question remains – who is that UX researcher and what can I get out of […]

Ice Bucket Challenge – computer virus anatomy

Celebrities, politicians, sportspeople as well as normal, average people are pouring buckets of cold water on their heads, all because of the Ice Bucket Challenge. This event is aimed at […]

How Google tests their products?

Google routinely tests their products: these that have already been released as well as these in development. And they test their products on living and breathing users. What do they […]

Changing the looks of your webpage? Ask users for opinion

There are countless companies that design internet sites. But even the most beautiful and technically advanced web page needs to bring profit. That said, it is a good idea to […]

Remote Eyetracking – Uxeria’s new extension

We are working on remote eyetracking sessions. Our goal is to create absolutely new and innovative methods to enable Uxeria clients to perform remote user experience tests including eyetracking. The […]