How Google tests their products?

Google routinely tests their products: these that have already been released as well as these in development. And they test their products on living and breathing users. What do they get out of this?

In the case of Google, the scale of their actions is the key. Their products find millions of users and consequently all errors are certain to be noticed. That is why they invite users to test their products.

What companies get from testing their users:

  • Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of their – thanks to these tests companies can find out both the weak points of their product, but also these elements that are exceptionally successful. That’s the most obvious and basic benefit.
  • Knowing your users’ needs – users rarely know what they really want, but they easily point out what can be improved. Thanks to tests like that companies gain precise information concerning their customers’ needs and can improve their products accordingly.
  • Knowing your users – it happens that a product reaches a different group of people than initially assumed. Such tests are another source of knowledge about potential target groups and their needs.
  • Ability to modify or withdraw their product – even companies such as the Google have products that fail to meet the expectations. And, together with the scale of operations grows the cost of releasing new products. For any company, an early withdrawal means immense savings.

Additional benefits of assigning users to your research:

  • Users cooperate in creation of the product – which immensely builds up their commitment to the brand. Users who feel they had a say in the product’s final shape will more likely use said product. In the case of Google once again the scale of their operations is important. Average user can easily find a person that had participated in such tests and can say a thing or two about them. It gives a sense that these are real people, just like you and me.
  • Testers popularize the brand – users themselves tell about their experience and contribute to positive image of a company. Often the fact of using a particular product gives them a sense of satisfaction. Consequently, they will further advertise the product when it is released.


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Małgorzata Traczyk

Graduate of University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Social Science of Internet Communication and Warsaw School of Economics in Product and Service Management. Currently, Product Manager in Uxeria. She used to work on mobile applications’ design and remote usability testing as a UX Specialist in Management Observatory Foundation. She is a member of the Usability (IAB) working group. Outside work she is a fan of travelling, cinema and a wide range of music.

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